Facebook Store in Two Days

A few weeks ago, our team here in the US quietly built a demo for Shoptalk that changed the way I look at omnichannel commerce and at the same time, proved the thesis for why commercetools represents the future of commerce.

Over a period of four days with a development team of two people, our engineers architected and executed a Facebook store on top of one of our starter stores. commercetools held the master catalog and the team leveraged the commercetools API but here is what was truly amazing.

The Facebook store was fully connected to the commercetools platform, providing a single back end across the web store, the Facebook store, a mobile site and allowed transactions and notification to flow to whatever device the front-end or back-end user was carrying including Apple watch.

This demo, created in four days, allowed the consumer to:

  • Checkout: Checkout on Facebook, the web store or the mobile site with the same cart contents.
  • Promotions: Fully bi-directional promotion management allowing the store manager to create promotions on either Facebook or the website and they are automatically synchronized.
  • Notifications: Provide order and promotion notifications to any endpoint, enabled by geo-location for promotion delivery.
  • Catalog: Make all or just part of your catalog available on Facebook and enable Facebook (any channel) specific content, pricing and availability information all through a simple back end UI. Merchandisers can manage this catalog, by channel, through a single easy to use back end interface.

The real power here is that you can replace the word “Facebook” with any channel that a retailer wants to enable and commercetools provides the same enablement.

commercetools provides a massive step forward in putting the power back in the hands of marketing. It’s time to market innovations like this that will be the future of retail and retailers can take advantage of it today by leveraging a microservicesAPI first commerce platform like commercetools.

artArthur Lawida

Arthur Lawida is the President of commercetools, Inc. His career has spanned twenty years and several technology waves. From the first company he founded in 1989, he has been focused on a single concept: Freeing business innovation from technology limitations.

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